The Fulfilled Woman

A Talk on Women's Mental Health
The Fulfilled Woman

I am looking forward to presenting tomorrow evening as part of the Annual Women Program, The Fulfilled Woman, with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Living Spring Tabernacle located on Cyrville Road. Although I am not a member of this Parish, I am delighted to be asked to speak on the topic of women’s mental health.

As I think about what exactly these women might want to hear me speak about, I am drawn to the idea of what exactly the theme of this event, a Fulfilled Woman, is.

I would say that a Fulfilled Woman is a person who is grounded in her beliefs and values. She knows herself. She knows both the things that make her happy and the things that don’t. Even more importantly, she can recognizes when the things that don’t make her happy are taking too much of her mind space. She leads a life towards a pursuit of true happiness and love. A Fulfilled Woman can stand courageous against her own self-doubts because she knows that the mind can play tricks on her. She knows deep down that she is good and is more than enough to achieve her hopes and dreams. She is proud of herself for the person that she is and will stand by herself in the face of fear.

Tomorrow night I hope to help grow this feeling of a self-assured fulfilled woman with the group of ladies that I will have the opportunity to chat with. I am much looking forward to speaking about the topic of women’s mental health, which is an area of psychology that is so dear to me.

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