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Facing Hardships in Your Relationship and Coming Through Stronger

Resiliency can be an essential factor to maintaining your relationship, even in times of stress and hardship. Moving, illness, family dilemmas, loss of job and many other struggles may pose challenges to your relationship. Such issues can create conflict, stress and even resentment towards your partner. So how can you overcome hardship and maintain your […]

How to Build Trust in Intimate Relationships

Trust is an essential component in any relationship, and is especially crucial to the health and longevity of intimate and marital relationships. There are various ways in which couples build trust and intimacy through everyday interactions. According to John Gottman, couple expert, the simple act of attuning to and recognizing your partner’s needs is essential. […]

Maintaining Intimacy in a Long-Distance Relationship
Maintaining Intimacy in a Long-Distance Relationship

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder.  True, but distance can also cause some problems in a relationship as well. Long-distance relationships can cause excess stress, conflict and pose unexpected challenges. Whether you are presently in a long distance relationship, are experiencing some time apart from your partner due to travel, or are facing […]