Facing Hardships in Your Relationship and Coming Through Stronger

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Facing Hardships in Your Relationship and Coming Through Stronger

Resiliency can be an essential factor to maintaining your relationship, even in times of stress and hardship. Moving, illness, family dilemmas, loss of job and many other struggles may pose challenges to your relationship. Such issues can create conflict, stress and even resentment towards your partner. So how can you overcome hardship and maintain your relationship?

Developing healthy relationship habits, before hardship occurs is necessary in order to maintain your relationship quality and health when you are faced with challenges. Developing a relationship founded in mutual trust and respect can also create an enduring and lasting bond between you and your partner. The following tips can also promote resiliency and help you and your partner overcome adversity:

1) Remember that facing adversity and hardship can help your relationship become stronger and grow.
2) View your partner in a positive light. Appreciate their unique quirks and abilities and foster a nurturing supportive and responsive environment in your relationship.
3) Develop more self-control and learn to choose your battles.
4) Be flexible! Resiliency means being able to be flexible and approach each situation with positivity.
5) View your relationship with your partner as team-work together and draw off each others strengths and differences.
6) Remember to continually support and care for each other in the face of hardship and challenges. It is easy to get sidetracked by the stress you are facing and neglect your partner and your relationship, or push your partner away. Foster intimacy and closeness, especially during hard times to develop a resilient relationship.

Article Written By: Stacie Courtney-Mustaphi, Ba. Soc.Sci., MA Candidate

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