The Holidays, When You Miss a Loved One

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The Holidays, When You Miss a Loved One

The holidays are typically seen as the most exciting time of the year. But for many of us, when we have recently experienced the loss of a loved one, the holidays can be touched by sadness instead. As we cope with this sadness, it is important to find ways to honour and cherish the memory of this person so that we can continue on with the life we still have ahead of us.

Even though the physical relationship may have ended between you, the relationship will always live on within you. You are forever impacted by the way they touched your life. Nurture and cherish the relationship which lives within you this holiday in some of the following ways:

1) Prepare the person’s favourite dish or baked good.
2) Tell your favourite holiday stories of the loved one together.
3) Write a holiday letter to them.
4) Visit a special place they cherished.
5) Honour the values they felt the holiday’s were about. Live these out in their memory.
6) Place a special ornament on the tree to mark their presence in your heart. Choose something that reminds you of them.

Allow yourself these moments to still feel their love.

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