Summertime and Feeling Good!

Mental Health Tips for the Summer
Summertime and Feeling Good!

Summertime brings sunshine, time spent outdoors and more chances to actively have fun. Take the opportunity to make the most of your life, health and happiness this summer with these quick tips:

1.Get outside and enjoy the weather! Studies show that spending half an hour in the sun can significantly boost your mood – don’t forget the sunscreen though!

2.Take advantage of the opportunity to have more fun with your exercise this summertime! With the warm weather comes opportunities to try new activities. Exercise can help improve concentration, boosts serotonin and dopamine levels.

3.Share moments with your family, friends or pets! Be active and spend time interacting with others, not cooped up inside!

4.Take this opportunity to change your lifestyle and diet! Fresh summer salads and cold refreshing beverages will keep you healthy and happy all summer long!

5. Slow down and breathe in the crisp summer air! Mediate or take some deep breaths outside for a few minutes! The extra fresh air you’ll get from being outside will help you sleep better at night, increasing your mood, productivity, health and happiness.

Now that you know the mental health benefits of getting outside and soaking up some sun, grab your flip flops and sunglasses, head outside and create some change in your mood, relationships and life!

For more information about how your mood and health are affected by sunshine and learning to optimize your health this summertime, I recommend reading Five Powerful Happiness Habits You Need to Learn by Melanie Greenberg and The Psychology of Wearing Flip-Flops by Linda Wasmer Andrews.

Article Written By: Stacie Courtney-Mustaphi, B.Soc.Sci, MA Candidate

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