Secrets of Happy People Part 3: Good Self-Care

Secrets of Happy People Part 3: Good Self-Care

The previous articles in the Secrets of Happy People series have addressed two key skills of happy people: Positive thinking and believing in your self-worth. Additional secrets of happy people indicate that happy people practice self-compassion and self-care tactics which enrich their lives and promote happiness and overall health.

When faced with stressful and challenging life events, happy people remain resilient through employing self-care practices and deepening their relationships both with themselves and others. Developing a self-care routine involves recognizing sources of stress and conflict in our lives, and developing strategies for maintaining our health, happiness and well-being when faced with these situations. Self-care strategies involve the physical, mental, emotional, relational and sensory experiences we can draw upon to reduce stress and calm our minds and bodies.

Self-care activities balance your life and encourage physical, emotional and spiritual health through exercise, meaningful relationships and activities and re-orienting you towards what is important. Happy people integrate these self-care strategies into their everyday lives, focusing on health, exercise and relationship quality daily.

Remember, the biggest barrier to your happiness and self-compassion is feeling like you do not deserve it. This negative thinking pattern prevents us from experiencing true happiness and exploring our true potential. Happy people support themselves and in turn experience better health and overall happiness.

For a list of self care strategies I recommend reading The Self Compassion Project.

Article Written By: Stacie Courtney-Mustaphi, Bac.Soc.Sci, MA Candidate

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